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Fishing Reels and Rods
We Talk Fishing.

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Meet our Hosts

Darren Crile

Growing up in the Inland Empire, there weren't many places for Darren Crile to fish so he would sneak into abandoned rock quarries to fish the ponds, as he got older and found salt water fishing he hasn’t looked back. When not on a day or multi day boat, you can find him on his kayak fishing the San Diego bays for spotted, sand and calico bass. He still loves to spend time in the Sierras fishing for trout when ever he gets the chance. Darren became a founding board member for the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Inland Empire chapter in 2019 and enjoys working along side the other members on fundraising and educational promotions. He also has background in the transportation industry as his dad owned a small trucking company, which he started working for at a young age. In 2016, Darren decided to start his own business and hasn’t looked back ever since. When not working or fishing you can find Darren in his garage pouring swimbaits or in the duck blind during the season.

Chris Arechaederra

Fishing has almost always been a way of life for Chris ever since childhood. He got his first taste of fishing up in the High Sierras in Northern California at the age of 4, pulling on trout at most lakes while camping with his grandparents. Shortly after, they all ventured into saltwater as his family purchased a sportfishing boat in Oxnard, CA. Ever since, he has spent countless summers fishing the channel islands for bass, yellowtail, white sea bass and halibut, spending days at a time behind the islands. Having grown up in San Diego, Chris spent many falls fishing for yellowfin and bluefin tuna on sport boats. In 2015, Chris went into business himself by opening up Black Diamond Sportfishing, which offered ½ day to 3 day trips fishing tuna, yellowtail and other pelagic species. After 3 years in business, Chris sold the business and was named Assistant Director of the Coastal Conservation Association of California. He currently manages all local chapters in Southern California, and is in charge of fundraising the efforts behind CCA CAL. Before the fishing industry, his background varied between marketing, promotions, communications and public relations. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in English from San Diego State University. When not at work (or fishing), you can find Chris laying on a desolate beach somewhere diving into a good book, or spending quality time with friends, family, and his fiance Ali. 

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